About Lisa

As a child, I remember stories my father told me of his childhood growing up in India and Nepal.  Whenever we visited my grandparents I was in awe of the souveniers and furniture pieces that looked like

they came out of a World Market or Pier One catalog. Hearing those stories planted a seed of curiousity in me.  Sadly, at the age of 18, I lost my father; however, his stories remain in my mind and my heart.  This experience ignited my desire to explore as much of our world as possible in the time that I have.  Life is too short to live the same year over and over.  We are meant to live our life, not just survive.

Each day is a new adventure.  Each adventure carries opportunity for new experiences.  Each new experience allows us the ability to learn and to grow as we explore the journey that is our life.  The life that we create for ourselves.

Yoga also allows us the ability to experience, to explore, to learn and to grow.  The Bhagavad Gita reminds us that “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”  Both exploring the World and our yoga practice allows doors to open and life lessons to be learned.

This blog is dedicated to traveling the World and seeing all there is to see.   Experiencing everything we can, every place we can.  Exploring yoga anywhere and everywhere and enjoying the life lessons (even the difficult ones) learned along the way.  Get your passport ready.  Roll up your yoga mat.  Pack your bags and be a part of the Travels of a Yogi.