A few of our favorite things…

While yoga doesn’t require a whole lot of fancy gizmos, gadgets or accessories in order to experience it’s benefits, there are definitely products that help to make the practice a little more user friendly…especially while on the road. Here are a few of my favorites…

jade yoga mat

Jade Travel Mat $59.95

Available through our website: http://www.zen-studios.com

Jade mats have been a longtime favorite of mine, both in and out of the studio for many reasons. We have provided the Jade Harmony mat complimentary at Zen Studios (http://www.zen-studios.com) for our students to use during classes. Jade mats are eco-friendly, they are made of natural rubber and contain no PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber. Additionally, Jade mats are manufactured in the USA and as an extra bonus, they plant a tree for each mat that is purchased, contributing to preserving our environment.

During travel, my go-to mat is the Jade Travel mat. It is thinner than the Harmony (1/8” vs. ¼”) and can be folded or rolled to fit inside a standard suitcase. For those who are even more space conscious, Jade’s Voyager mat ($34.95) is even thinner at 1/16” and 1.5 pounds. While this mat is thin and folds into a compact space the size of a yoga block, my personal opinion is that is it a bit too thin for my liking and the Jade Travel mat is at the top of my list.

doTERRA On Guard ® Protective Blend Products, $4.66-$32.67


doTERRA’s On Guard® Protective Blend of products are always in my travel bag. You never know what type of germs, bacteria or viruses that you’ll be encountering on planes, trains and automobiles during your travels. These amazing products help to protect against environmental and seasonal threats as well as to provide an alternative for immune support.

Available through our doTERRA website:
*doTERRA reminds us that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Click here to purchase from Doterra.com


Compression Socks by K Swiss; $29.99


No. This isn’t a racy photo that I meant to send to my husband. These are compression socks that are helpful to relieve swelling and muscle fatigue during lengthy travel. You’ll typically find us yogis running around barefoot, but when we do have shoes on, they’re typically cute. So, what’s the sense of packing adorable shoes if your feet are swollen like Cinderella’s evil step sister trying to cram her oversized peds into a glass slipper?

Violife Slim Toothbrush, $12.99 On Sale at Ulta


I absolutely LOVE my Violife travel toothbrush! I love it so much that I have gifted it to some of my closest friends and family. This travel toothbrush uses 1 AAA battery to deliver 22,000 polishing strokes per minute. Plus, it comes in eye catching designs to reflect your own individual personality.

Click here to purchase from Ulta.com

*I have a combo of cubes from eBags as well as some discount cubes I found at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. *

*I have a combo of cubes from eBags as well as some discount cubes I found at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. *

Packing Cubes by eBags; 3 pc. Set $25.99 (on sale)

Packing cubes have quickly become one of my travel must-haves. It is as if you had drawers for your suitcase! Easily separate shirts from pants from socks and the unmentionables. As a side note, rolling your clothing keeps everything erlatively wrinkle free and saves space. The smaller cubes make for the perfect transportable medicine cabinet for those of us who travel to foreign countries requiring malaria tablets, remedies for Montezuma’s revenge, your No-Jet Lag tablets and any other medications you made need while away from home. Plus, reserving one of the cubes for your dirty duds makes for a quick drop off at the laundry room and saves you time unpacking easier…unless you’re like me and leave your suitcase sitting out until the next adventure! Then, just wash and repack and your ready to go!

Click here to purchase from ebags.com

GoToobs; Set of 3, 2 oz. Tubes, $19.99 at Targetgotoob

Being away from home without your favorite products can be a hair-tastrophy! What’s worse is if you pack all of your toiletries only to find that they have leaked all over your suitcase! These Smart Tubes from Travelon are spill proof, leak proof, reusable and come with labels to identify their contents.   The food-grade silicone containers are BPA free and complaint with the FAA’s 3-1-1 rules for carry-on liquids, which is also helpful if you opt to carry on your belongings rather than risk checking them and you arriving at your destination and your luggage going somewhere else.

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Nux Vomica 30; $6.49/ 80 pellets

IMG_4228I was first introduced to Nux Vomica, a homeopathic medication, during an Italian yoga retreat with Leeann Carey (http://www.retreatmaven.com) in 2009 (or perhaps 2010?). As we traversed the winding hills of Umbria, many of us were experiencing motion sickness. Although the tube of Nux says it is for “Heartburn or Drowsiness Due to Excessive Eating or Drinking” I welcomed just about anything to help remedy my nausea. In addition to our yoga, we definitely enjoyed the food and local Italian spirits, but the Nux Vomica was a godsend for my motion sickness and has been a staple in my travel bag since! Available at most healthfood stores or online at drugstore.com

Click here to purchase from Drugstore.com

No-Jet Lag ® Tablets by Lewis N. Clark , $24.99, 2 packets (50 ct. ea.)


What fun is embarking upon a new adventure if you are way too tired to enjoy it??? It’s not. Whenever I am crossing timezones…well, anything further than L.A….I swear by No-Jet Lag homeopathic jet-lag prevention tablets. I have used these tablets when traveling to Europe, India, Bali, Tahiti and Thailand, just to name a few. I chewed one of the pleasant tasting tablets upon each take-off, landing and every two hours while in flight (unless I was sleeping). I was a little tired the first day, but was able to adjust to the time that first evening. The one time that I did not take my No-Jet Lag tablets was on a trip to Japan. The first several days there were rough. I had a hard time adjusting to the time change, couldn’t sleep, woke up early and was exhausted! That was all the proof I needed to keep a stock of these tablets on hand for each upcoming trip.

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