SevaFinals-7In Dec. 2015, Zen Studios owner, Lisa Muehlenbein, traveled to Kolkata, India with Tiffany Cruikshank. The purpose of this trip is seva (selfless service). Our mission was to make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of women and children struggling for a better life on the streets of Kolkata. Through the Village Experience, we worked closely, donating time and funds, with the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF).  Through WIF, we were able to contribute support to the Nabadisha Education Program for Street and Working Children in the heart of Kolkata. We spent our days getting to know the children at the Nabadisha Centers and visiting the Nijoloy House and Child Care Center.  These refuge centers were respites for young women rescued from sex trafficking, children who had been orphaned or abandoned, rescued from abusive child marriages and other human rights violations. At Zen, our goal is to raise awareness on this important outreach project within our community. We hope you will be able to help us to help others. Your generous donations will go a long way to provide direct and sustainable support to the women and children on the streets of Kolkata.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF), set up n 1990, is a non-governmental organization, working towards implementing integrated Women, Child and Community development projects, providing need-based interventions such as literacy for women and children, prevention of violence against the vulnerable, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked victims, action against deprivation of basic rights. WIF is registered in India under the Charitable Trusts Act.

The Nabadisha Project was started in 1999 with a mission of addressing problems such as lack of education, lack of support system in the form of coaching classes and proper nutrition and recreational facilities. Nabadisha provides education, nutrition, community liaison support and an opportunity to springboard them forward towards a better life. Working with WIF, we will also have an opportunity to assist at a home for girls rescued from trafficking, prostitution and children of AIDS victims.

We will be planning to be a part of this amazing project again in 2017.  It is our goal to raise $5,000 to help purchase new playground equipment for these children.

Please help us to help others.